Prof Didier Hans


Head of Research and Development, Bone and Joint Department, Centre for Bone Diseases, Lausanne University Hospital

10.35 - 12.30

Sunday 19th May

Session 4

Chair: Prof Ambrish Mithal

11.00 - 11.35 -  Artificial Intelligence in Osteoporosis. The future is here - Prof Claus Gluer

11.35 - 12.05 - Advanced Imaging in Osteoporosis: 3D Shaper, TBS, HRpQCT - Prof Didier Hans

12.05 - 12.35 - Bone fragility other than due to Osteoporosis : Osteoegenesis Imperfecta - Dr Rashida Vasanwala

12.35 - 12.45 - Q&A - All speakers

16.55 - 17.55

Saturday 18th May

Presentation of Best Oral Posters

Chairs: Prof Didier Hans and Prof Edith Lau

1. A multicenter, randomized, active-controlled, double-blinded, parallel-group, phase 3 study to compare the efficacy, safety, immunogenicity and pharmacokinetics of biosimilar teriparatide 20 μg versus reference teriparatide 20 μg in patients of postmenopausal osteoporosis. - Dr Amol Aiwale (India)
2. TLR4 gene polymorphism and biochemical markers as a tool to identify risk of osteoporosis in women from Karachi - Ms Rozeena Baig (Pakistan)
3. Reference Ranges for Trabecular Bone Score in Vietnam: The Vietnam Osteoporosis Study - Dr Minh Doan Cong (Vietnam)
4. DXA derived sideways fall model: A tool to assess hip fracture risk and efficacy of prevention interventions - Dr Dheeraj Jha (Singapore)
5. FRAX-Based Intervention Thresholds For Bangladesh - Dr Lakshmi Nagendra (India)
6. Bridging osteoporotic fracture management: leveraging opportunistic CT imaging and advanced risk assessment technologies - Dr Anitha D Praveen (Singapore)